Meet Stephanie

I’m a mom of an almost two year old son, and two fur babies, Max and Sam. I’m married to my wonderful husband Justin of three years, but we’ve been together now for almost fifteen years. Some of my hobbies include enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and of course, reading and art. I just started to really understand my faith, and am continuously seeking God for whatever life throws at me.



Meet Melanie

I’m a new mom of a beautiful, almost two year old daughter, and couldn’t be more blessed! I have an amazing husband who has taught me so much throughout our seven years together. A year or so before we got married, we both became close to the Lord, and now have a passion for sharing the Gospel with others. We have 2 dogs: Violet, an Akita, and Blum, a Pug. I love to kayak, read, create websites, take walks and ride bikes on the Perkiomen Trail, and love indoor cycling!